Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornados 4/27/2011

I've struggled the last few days wondering on how I should type this all down.
If your reading this and don't know what happened in Alabama, we had a all day event of deadly tornados that left hundreds dead. Many people without homes and still people and pets missing. It left our county and surrounding areas without power for days. Some got there power back sooner then other. We were without power for 5 1/2 days. Which let me just say that, I am VERY THANKFUL that all of my friends and family are OK! Some of there houses have been damaged but they still do have a home!

For days we had to live off of candles, cold showers, and cold soggy minimal food. In the first couple of days it was hard to get gas or ice or anything that we needed to eat. Thankfully we had a freezer full of meat that we cooked (on the grill) all in two days before it went bad. However, we had to toss a lot of food because it spoiled. Every morning we would get up and turn on the battery powered radio to listen for updates on how many people were dead and where to get items. It was HEARTBREAKING! My heart and prayers go out to those family's that have lost everything! Most places power has been restored and the dusk until dawn curfew has been lifted.

Now im going to start by saying how the day started. When i got up that morning i knew we were suppose to have severe weather but i had no idea that it was going to end up like this. This was terrifying. I stayed with my boyfriend, Sam that night like I always do and about 11 o'clock that morning I headed home because he was off to work. About 30 minutes after i got home Tornado sirens started to sound. I started to put shoes on and gets my pets rounded up to get in a safe place. After this it was an ALL day of one after another tornado going threw and going in and out of cover. There was one point when i was running to the storm shelter and i looked back and said to myself,  "I'm about to loose my home and everything in it" Luckily it just missed us. THANK YOU LORD!

If there is anyway you can donate to the Red Cross, let me tell you it will not go unnoticed this people need it!

Please keep Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

 This terrifying picture, I did not take it but it was all over facebook and i believe it was taken in Harvest AL.

 and here is a picture i took in my backyard before my phone died.

Tuscaloosa Tornado and a horrible video of this one.

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